Anna Roxene began making jewelry as a hobby at the age of four and it soon evolved into an obsession. Completely self-taught, she created and mastered her own innovative techniques for intricate beadwork.

A California native, Anna draws inspiration from everything in nature: the motion of waves, the diverse textures of reptile skin, petals, feathers and beetles; all have heavily inspired her designs. She handcrafts every unique piece as an improvisation. Her fascination with geometric structures combines with spontaneity and, on occasion, perfect symmetry to create something that may be reminiscent of a spider web, an orchid, an ink blot, or even a skull. Anna prides herself on her art and its ability to connect imagination to the physical world. Often using bright color palettes, her jewelry is frivolous, while elegant. It is eye catching and whimsical, and made for the playful soul.

Relocating to Brooklyn, New York, Anna began exploring other expressions of jewelry design such as stone setting, lost wax and casting. These additional techniques allowed her creative expression to blossom further and yielded an even greater breadth in the diversity of her designs. Anna creates lovingly made, truly unique pieces that reflect her passion and extensive skill set.